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Research Study Skills

New Academic Publishing - Editing and Peer Review

The unit gives an overview of the single- and double-blind peer review process and outlines the differences between trackchanges, a post-graduate publication, and 'real' peer-reviewed journal publishing.
Staff Contact:

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Automated Sequence Analysis

This module will equip students with the analytical and practical skills to manipulate DNA and protein sequences in useful ways.
Staff Contact: Prof Jon Sayers

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Beyond the Impact Factor: using metrics to help identify highly-cited and highly-discussed research

This session will give an overview of citation metrics and altmetrics, and introduce a range of tools that can be used to help identify highly-cited and highly-discussed research. We'll discuss the strengths and limitations of these metrics, and how to use them responsibly.
Staff Contact: Anthea Tucker & Oliver Allchin

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Boosting your digital presence as a researcher

This session will introduce you to online tools to help you maximise your influence on the research community, begin to create an online personal profile which will be visible to other researchers and to possible employers, and assess the impact of others.
Staff Contact: Helen Moore (Library) & Rachael Roberts (Careers Service)

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Copyright and open access: Your thesis and beyond

What is copyright, and how does it affect you as a researcher? Come along to this workshop to find out how you can reuse material fairly and legally in your writing - and how copyright protects works that you produce. Discover how the Library is advancing efforts in open access publishing to make your research available to the widest possible audience. Please bring along any current queries for a roundtable discussion.
Staff Contact: Ruth Mallalieu, Sharon Cocker and Emily Nunn

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New Introduction to Basic Statistics for Biologists Featured

There are actually very few statistical tests that scientists (as compared to statisticians) use. A few can be done by hand: these include the two most common ones (t-test and chi-squared test). In addition, most of the common calculations (mean, standard deviation, t-test) can be done in Excel.
Staff Contact: Professor Mike Williamson

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New Introduction to Microscopy and Imaging

Students will be introduced to microscopy and image formation. We will cover how light can be used to study biological samples, the important difference between magnification and resolution, and the various types of microscope platforms that are available.
Staff Contact: Dr Darren Robinson

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Introduction to Reference Management Software

This session introduces the purposes and principles of using reference management software to keep track of your reading, from exporting citation data from online resources to organising and annotating your references and PDFs of full-text articles It is aimed at beginners with no prior experience.
Staff Contact: Steve McIndoe

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Looking after your Research Data / Making a DMP

This workshop will help you to get the most out of your data by keeping it safe and secure, organising, describing, archiving and sharing it, and by augmenting it with pre-existing data from a variety of sources. Support will be offered for Data Management Planning.
Staff Contact: Bev Jones

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Neuroanatomy Dissection Faculty of Medicine, Dentistry & Health Only

This 5 week course comprises practical human brain dissection suitable for PhD students embarking on research in neuroradiology, neurology, psychiatry, psychology and biomedical science.
Staff Contact: Dr Tom Farrow

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Preparing For Viva - Faculty of Medicine, Dentistry & Health Students only

The aim of this seminar is to give some useful information about the viva exam, what to expect and how to prepare for it.
Staff Contact: Martina Daly

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New Promoting yourself well at interviews outside academia

Staff Contact:

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Tools for literature searching

This workshop introduces search tools to help you with your literature review, and provides opportunities to use and evaluate them with support from Library staff.
Staff Contact: Brenda Steel & Emily Stock

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Visualising & Analysing Biomedical Datasets with R

This unit will teach students how to visualise biomedical data using histograms, scattergrams, line plots, and more sophisticated methods including heatmaps, and how to turn these into publication-quality images.
Staff Contact: Prof Simon Cross

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Writing Your Thesis - Faculty of Medicine, Dentistry & Health Students only Faculty of Medicine, Dentistry & Health Only

Staff Contact: Martina Daly

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