Where to Publish? Using metrics to find influential journals and authors

Code: LIB301 , Offered By: Research Study Skills

What are the influential journals and authors in your field?  Will publishing in a particular journal or working with particular authors increase the chances of getting your work noticed?

We will introduce research metrics tools that can help you to answer these questions.  We will discuss the benefits and limitations of these tools and how they can help you to decide which journals you may wish to submit your paper to, and which authors you may wish to collaborate with.

We will explore ‘bibliometric’ tools which can be used to identify the highly cited journals and authors in your research area.  We will also explore ‘altmetrics’ tools which can help to identify research which is being shared and discussed online.

Recommended For

Researchers thinking about publishing their research. The session will be most relevant to researchers from disciplines that publish in academic journals.

Aims Objectives

This session will introduce methods to help identify influential journals and authors

Learning Outcomes

Participants will:

  • understand the benefits and limitations of citation metrics 

  • understand the benefits and limitations of complementary or alternative metrics

  • gain experience of using a range of tools to help explore the impact of journals, papers and researchers in their field

Teaching Methods

Practical workshop with support from Library staff


There will be no formal assessment. We suggest you use the objectives and learning outcomes above to reflect on what you have learned in this session and record this in your DDP e-portfolio.

Other Information

This session is also available as part of Fast Track: the influential researcher, so if you have been to this workshop in the past, or have already booked a place on it, there is no need to attend.  

More information on research metrics 

Staff Contact

Anthea Tucker & Oliver Allchin  


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