Standing out from the crowd: boosting your digital presence

Code: LIB303 , Offered By: Research Study Skills

Developing your online profile and boosting your digital presence helps you to:

  • share, promote and discuss your research with a wide range of people
  • increase your citations
  • demonstrate the impact and reach of your work
  • find people working in the same field and potential collaborators

This session will introduce you to readily-available online tools enabling you to maximize your influence on the research community, create an online personal profile which will be visible to other researchers and to possible employers, and assess the impact of others.

Recommended For

Second and third year researchers, although the workshop can also be taken in other years.


This session helps students to:

  • develop and manage their online presence enabling them to exploit social media

  • build up a scholarly community

  • behave professionally online

  • engage with people outside academia (including employers)

  • disseminate research widely and increase personal impact

Learning outcomes:

Participants will learn how to:

  • promote themselves and create networks around their research field

  • be able to choose the right online tools for the task and be aware of the pitfalls and advantages of each

  • understand the importance of professional behaviour online and how to manage their professional image

Teaching methods:

Practical workshop from the Library and Careers Service with a mix of short presentations and hands-on practice.

Assessment methods:

There will be no formal assessment. We suggest you use the objectives and learning outcomes above to reflect on what you have learned in this session and record this in your DDP e-portfolio.

Other Information

This session is also available as part of The influential researcher (LIB300), so if you are already booked on to this workshop, or have already attended it in the past you may not wish to attend.  

More information on networking and developing your online profile

Staff Contact

Helen Moore & Rachael Roberts  


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