Achieve More for PGR - Cross-Faculty Research Challenge

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The PGR Cross faculty Research Challenge module aims to develop students’ transferable skills with a view to enhancing employability and their ability to think outside the box. In teams of between 3-5 PGR students, with no more than one student from any Faculty within a group, they will be tasked with devising a multi- or interdisciplinary research project that draws on their collective expertise. The project can take any form: purely theoretical or resulting in a product proposal.  The module will give students valuable experience in working together across boundaries in a practical as well as an ideas-based way. The Challenge will operate as a competition, with a prize for the winning and runner-up projects. 

Researcher Development Framework Categories:
A3) Creativity
B2) Self-management
B3) Professional and career development
C2) Research management
D1) Working with others
D2) Communication and dissemination
D3) Engagement and impact

Semester Taught: Spring Semester
Level of Study: First and Second Year of Research
Open to:
University-wide - (facilitated by the Doctoral Academy)


The aim of this DDP module is to establish learning communities amongst doctoral research students in order to encourage them to explore and discuss ideas around a central theme, which they will devise, and which will in turn provide an informed, connected and confident group of professionals.  This will help to develop communication skills and provide experience of interdisciplinary working that is useful for future employment. The learning process will both advance the collective knowledge of the community and support the growth of individual knowledge. It will also give the opportunity to learn how to take, respond to and give constructive critical feedback from peers sensitively.

Learning Outcomes:

This DDP module will build collaborative groups within a doctoral research community that encourages them to explore and discuss ideas around a central theme. The exercise will be student led and will help develop informed, connected and confident groups of professionals.

The objectives of the module are to bring together contributions from members of cross disciplinary groups (3-5 in each group, no more than one from each faculty and or subject area) with diverse areas of expertise. The idea is for students to be from different disciplines and so it would not be appropriate for two or more biological scientists to be members of the  same group even though they are from different faculties. As an interdisciplinary group the members will benefit from the collective effort applied to problem solving, exposure to multiple perspectives and supporting the learning of the group as a whole through sharing the collective knowledge base.

The core learning outcomes are similar to the core learning themes of the undergraduate version of Achieve More as follows:-

  •  Opportunity to work in groups on an interdisciplinary activity
  •  Use of research skills to understand an issue using appropriate evidence
  •  Opportunity to develop communication skills and share project outcomes
  •  Opportunity to experiment with different approaches  and reflect on the learning experience

By the end of the module PGR students will be able to

  • Demonstrate team working skills within a multidisciplinary setting by undertaking a collaborative project;
  • Use methods of enquiry to explore an issue using appropriate evidence
  • Demonstrate communication skills by sharing project progression points and through a verbal presentation of an artefact produced by the group
  •  Demonstrate capability in project design and output
  • Demonstrate the ability to reflect on learning through writing short blogs
  • Have the opportunity to act as facilitators/mentors for the Achieve More undergraduate programme (especially level 2 onwards)

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