Doctoral Internships

Code: , Offered By: Research Study Skills

The student is expected to experience a work place environment and be given work that is commensurate with their advanced skills level. The hosting partner organisation should expect from the student a competent and diligent contribution and professionalism at all times.  The module will provide an introduction to the hosting partner organisation and institutional pre-internship training. The student intern will provide monthly progress reports to their university supervisory team and Postgraduate Internships Coordinator and an end of placement report. The latter is expected to be included in the student’s portfolio.

Researcher Development Framework Categories:
A1)  Knowledge base
A3) Creativity

B1)  Personal qualities
B2) Self-management
B3) Professional and career development
Professional conduct
D1) Working with others
D2) Communication and dissemination
D3) Engagement and impact


The aim of this DDP module is to provide employment-relevant experience for PGR students. The Doctoral Internships have common objectives but vary in nature depending upon whether the placement is related to their research topic or is in an unrelated area. Both types of experience will provide exposure to different ways of working and provide a perspective of how doctoral research contributes to the economy and society as a whole. Having a clear and robust policy in place for dealing with internships will be crucial for success in recruitment and funding bids and therefore there is a need to include the internship opportunity within the PhD.

Learning Outcomes