Academic Publishing - Editing and Peer Review

Code: FCA650, Offered By: Research Study Skills

This workshop will provide an overview of the academic publishing process, from call for papers, abstract submissions, blind peer reviewing, editing, and publication.

This workshop is run by the two general editors of Track Changes, the postgraduate journal of Arts and Humanities. Over the course of the workshop you will learn about the production of a university journal, with the specific example of Track Changes. In addition you will be given the opportunity of becoming part of the editorial team for Issue 12: work for which will be undertaken between February and April 2019. The workshop will include hands-on editorial exercises that will benefit you in your own academic writing and publishing.

By the end of the workshop you will:

  • Be familiar with the publication process of an academic journal;
  • Be acquainted with MHRA style guide;
  • Understand the differences between peer reviewing and copy editing;
  • Have undertaken some preliminary peer reviewing and copy-editing exercises.

This workshop can only be booked from via the DDP portal.

Researcher Development Framework Categories:

A1) Knowledge base
A2) Cognitive abilities
A3) Creativity
B2) Self-management
B3) Professional and career development
C1) Professional conduct
C2) Research management
D1) Working with others
D2) Communication and dissemination

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