Introduction to Advanced Microscopy Techniques

Code: BMS6113, Offered By: Microscopy Techniques


OPEN TO: Research students in the faculties of Science and Medicine, Dentistry & Health and Engineering

YEAR OF STUDY: 1st and 2nd year research students

Researcher Development Framework Categories:
A1) Knowledge base
A2) Cognitive abilities
C2) Research management
D1) Working with others


During this session students will learn about the resolution limits of optical microscopy and how advanced techniques are employed to push these physical boundaries. We will look at techniques that improve axial resolution - widefield microscopy, confocal microscopy and deconvolution, super-resolution technologies, and the various ways in which motorisation and computing can allow you to perform complicated experiments using these types of microscopes.


To produce scientists from a broad range of disciplines who understand the principles of light microscopy, are aware of recent advances in LM techniques and theory, and understand and can apply basic techniques in image processing.


The students will acquire new insights into and awareness of significant recent advances in light microscopy through an understanding of the underlying principles. They will demonstrate their understanding of the principles of image processing through manipulation of images of their own.


The course will involve lectures, workshops and practical exercises provided by members of the University of Sheffield Light Microscopy Facility and academics. Students will be expected to work independently and in groups.


Attendance will be monitored but no assessment will be made. Feedback will be given during each session and at the end of the practical exercise.

Other Information

Students who intend on using advanced microscopy techniques during the course of their studies should attend.  This course is not for people who just want to learn a new technique.

Staff Contact

Dr Darren Robinson  


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