Introduction to Basic Statistics for Biologists

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There are actually very few statistical tests that scientists (as compared to statisticians) use. A few can be done by hand: these include the two most common ones (t-test and chi-squared test). In addition, most of the common calculations (mean, standard deviation, t-test) can be done in Excel. These are all very simple with a little guidance. This short module is designed to give the basics to students with little prior knowledge of statistics. It also serves as a preparation for the more advanced DDP modules available (e.g. APS6060 - Advanced Statistics for Biologists).

• Explain how to choose a relevant test
• Go through the really common tests
• Look at your results, and see how statistics could help

Students will receive basic training in statistics for biologists, essential to all aspects of biological research and required for participation in advanced statistics training provided by the DDP.

The course is delivered in a single session through interactive lecturing and worked examples.

Attendance will be monitored but no formal assessment will be made.  However, feedback will be given during each session and at the end of the practical exercises. Strong positive feedback will be required for progression to advanced courses.

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Professor Mike Williamson  


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