Effective Presentation and Seminar Participation

Code: MED605, Offered By: Research Study Skills

Faculty of Medicine, Dentistry & Health Only

Open To - Faculty of Medicine & Pure Science Only

Semester Taught - Academic Year

Full Description

Ever wanted to watch yourself present? Ever wanted to ask a question at a seminar but too afraid to ask? Students will be provided with practical guidance on how to prepare and deliver an effective presentation and how to get the most out of attending seminars Including the appropriate use of multimedia/visual aids (PowerPoint, flip-charts and white boards) question handling and asknig. Students will be required to engage in group discussions; deliver a presentation which will be video taped and played back for personal and tutor feedback on which to improve; and to actively participate in a seminar series.

Researcher Development Framework Categories:

A1) Knowledge base
A2) Cognitive abilities
A3) Creativity
B1) Personal Qualities
B2) Self-management
B3) Professional and career development
D1) Working with others
D2) Communication and dissemination
D3) Engagement and impact

Teaching Methods

The course will be given over 4 sessions (1.5 days) and is designed to last the full academic year due to the required attendance at a seminar series (minimum 10 hours). In the first session structured group discussions on the practicalities of giving an effective presentation will be led by Alison Gartland and Gaynor Miller. In session 2 students will give a short (5 minutes) oral presentation on their PhD subject followed by question and answer session and on the spot feedback from their peers. Individual oral presentation will be videotaped and played back to the students in session 3 when they will also receive 1 to 1 constructive feedback from the tutor. Session 4 (final afternoon session) will be a re-run of the oral presentation with the student improving their presentation based on the feedback and their personal critical reflection.


The ability to engage in group discussion will be assessed by AG/GM during the taught lectures. The ability to undertake independent work to prepare a presentation will be assessed by the delivery of a second presentation. Attendance and participation in a seminar series will be evidenced by the students training log and a short report form their supervisor or seminar organiser.

Aims Objectives

The aims of this unit are to provide students with practical guidance on how to effectively present their work and how to actively participate in seminars.

Learning Outcomes

By the end of the unit the student will be able to:
- Prepare a multimedia presentation 
- Effectively deliver a presentation 
- Receive and act of feedback for the presentation 
- Engage in group discussion 
- Actively participate in seminars, including asking questions

Dates 2016-2017

Tuesday 2 May 2017
Seminar Room 10, C Floor, The Medical School

Thursday 18 May 2017
Lecture Theatre 1, B Floor, The Medical School

Other Information

PLEASE NOTE - Students must attend all dates to complete the module.

Staff Contact

Dr Alison Gartland  


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