Introduction to Scientific Thinking

Code: MED610, Offered By: Research Study Skills

Open To - University-wide

Semester Taught - Spring Semester

Full Description

This Unit will explore approaches to problem solving and in particular contrast the strategies used in everyday life with those that we need to develop to undertake sound scientific research. The concepts of developing hypotheses/conjectures as a starting point for research and designing experiments for their refutation as a basis for scientifically rigorous experimentation will be discussed in depth. This will be expanded into a practical framework to allow students to be more effective in designing experiments and to critically review their own work and that of others including published literature.

Researcher Development Framework Categories:

A1) Knowledge base
A2) Cognitive abilities
A3) Creativity

Teaching Methods

The Unit will consist of two lectures outlining the cultural and philosophical background to scientific thought and experimental design followed by a tutorial session where related published papers will be critically evaluated, with particular emphasis re: their use of a rigorous, scientific approach.


The Unit will be assessed by a critical assessment of a poorly constructed grant application outlining a research project.

Aims Objectives

This unit aims to introduce students to scientific method and improve their approaches to experimental design.

Learning Outcomes

By the end of the unit, a candidate will be able to demonstrate the ability to, the capability for approaching problem solving in a scientifically rigorous manner and understand the full value of hypothesis testing as a sound basis for scientific study.

This module is held over two dates, both of which must be attended to complete the module. This module is held twice a year in October and March 

Other Information

Staff Contact

Dr Colby Eaton & Dr Francois Guesdon  


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